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Kiva Han uses 100% Arabica coffee in coffee blends. We present best quality beans which got 84 or more points in Cup of Excellence coffee cuppings held once a year in the world’s most significant coffee regions to your taste and import them to our country after analyzing them by our expert team. Kiva Han Coffee is a member of Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and also we are the first SCAE certified company of Turkey. Kivahan is providing SCAE certified Barista Training programs.

Kiva Han Turkish Coffee

We guarantee the best Turkish Coffee experience

Preparing our traditional drink, Turkish coffee, with best quality (100% Arabica) beans, Kiva Han presents natural Gum Mastic, Cardamom, Locust Bean and Ginseng Turkish coffee types without any aroma or sweetener by its 100% natural series.

Kiva Han Barista Training

Essential information for best coffee is given to those who are in need thanks to our deep experience and wide barista net. We give professional Barista training to groups on-demand.

Coffee Machines

As Kiva Han, we are the distributor of worldwide known brands. We supply immediate service and support, thanks to our after-sale service network.

World Adventure of Coffee Documental

Click here to watch the World Adventure of Coffee documentary which is produced by TRT channel and Kivahan Coffee’s founder and chairman Ozen Demircioglu.

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